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Our Cake Card team are available to help with your queries from monday to friday 9-5pm, excluding bank holidays.

How much is a Cake Card?
Cake cards cost £7.95 if you choose one slice of cake, or £10.00 if you choose two. Standard delivery is included, but you can opt for enhanced tracked delivery for £2. Additional extras, such as Tea and Coffee, are available for additional cost. See the added extras page for more information.
Do CAKE CARDS fit through a letterbox?
Cake cards fit through a standard letterbox so if the recipient isn’t there they will have a lovely treat to come home to. To see dimensions and packing see our delivery page.
Are there different delivery options?
We offer 2 options
  • Standard Post Monday to Saturday - FREE
  • Tracked Post + £2
Can I order more than one card at a time to different addresses?
Yes you can choose mulitple cards and delivery addresses within one order, and as one payment.
Why am I having trouble with uploading a photo?
There are a few reasons your photo may not be uploading, please check the following things:
  • Is your photo a high resolution image?
    For best results, we recommend all images be less than 3mb, no less than 1000 pixels in height or width. Most digital cameras will take photo’s easily large enough, however images saved from 3rd party websites can be too small or an incompatible file format.
  • Is your photo in .jpg or .png file format?
    If not, we recommend you open it in the standard picture viewing software on your computer (PC users choose ‘Windows Picture & Fax Viewer’, Mac users choose ‘Preview’) and save it again in the correct format.
  • Is your photo currently stored on your computer?
    If you are uploading your image to the website from a flash drive, a dongle, a digital camera or any other external devises this could cause problems. We recommend that you save any images onto your computer first then upload from that location to your card.
  • If you continue to experience difficulties please contact us via the Help link at the top of the navigation bar.
What are your payment options?

From time to time we may disable one or more options, but our supported payment options are as follows:

  • PayPal; pay securely with your normal PayPal account or register for free using the link provided.
  • Pay with a Debit/Credit card; simply enter your payment details securely when prompted at the checkout.
  • Apple Pay; pay with your mobile phone or Safari on your MacOS based computer.
  • Cards accepted are shown in our footer.
Are my personal details secure?
Security is extremely important to us and we are committed to protecting your privacy. Your card details only interact with our third party payment providers, we can at no point see, nor do we store any of your sensitive payment information. We never sell your information to third parties.
Can I choose different flavours of Sponge?
You can choose up to 2 different flavours of sponge for each Cake card.
Do you offer gluten free choices?
Yes we offer gluten free slices, these are clearly indicated with a purple gluten free circle on the flavour page.
When will my order be sent?
Depending on what estimated delivery date you have selected, if you place your Cake card order before 2pm with an estimated delivery date of the next day, we will post it the same day. If your card order is placed after 2pm it will be sent the next working day unless it is a Friday where it will be sent Monday (excluding Bank Holidays). Saturday deliveries are posted at 2pm on Friday. We reserve the right to adjust daily order cut-off times during seasonal peaks such as Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day & Father’s Day.
I've noticed a mistake, can I change or cancel my order?
As soon as you notice a mistake or need to cancel and order, please get in touch. Please note that if your order has already been processed and sent to our printing department, we may not be able to change or cancel your order.
I’m having payment issues?
If you receive an error message on screen after a short wait, try and enter your card details again, making sure you check everything correctly - it’s often easy to enter a wrong CV2 / security code or expiry date. If you still have no luck, try another payment option or contact us and we’ll assist you.
If you are trying to order outside Customer Service hours, just leave your order in your shopping basket (where it is saved) and send us an email letting us know the difficulty.
How do I personalise my card?
You can personalise the card you want by choosing the front, adding a personal message and choosing the flavour of cake. Our card editor guides you through the simple process of front cover, inside and flavours of yummy sponge to go inside of the card.
MY ORDER is incorrect...
We hope that every customer is happy with the quality of their order. However if there appears to be a problem with your order please contact us as soon as you are aware of it.
what happens if i need a refund?
If one standard posting option is selected and Items that have not been delivered by Royal Mail 5 working days after the posting date, your cake card will be either replaced or refunded. Please contact us and we will arrange to reprocess your order or action a refund. Unfortunately there is no tracking service available with standard post and items do on occasions get lost in the Royal Mail system. You can upgrade to our tracked service for an additional £2.

Pet Cards

How much is a Pet Card?
Pet Cards are the same cost as Cake Cards: One slice/treat is £7.95 or £10.00 if you choose two. Standard delivery is included, but you can opt for enhanced tracked delivery for £2. Additional extras are available for additional cost. See the added extras page for more information.
Do Pet Cards fit through a letterbox?
Pet cards fit through a standard letterbox so if the recipient isn’t there they will have a lovely treat to come home to and that your pooch with enjoy too. To see dimensions and packing see our delivery page.
How is it packaged?
The pet treats are sealed and then popped inside our cards, which have a plastic wrap to ensure they get to the recipients safely and securely... they’ve been dog tested too!. See our delivery page. We add a 'for your pet' sticker to all pet treats.
Where are the dog treats made?
Our dog treats are made by Pooch’s, traditional bakers of hand made dog treats. Every treat is individually hand made and has to pass Pooch’s hounds very strict quality control!
What’s in the dog treats?
Our pet treats page lists ingredients for each of the dog treats we offer for our Pet Cards... the dog treats are low in fat without compromising on taste. The meat is of high quality and locally sourced, prepared and trimmed by the Pooch’s team.
Do you offer a Gluten free pet treat?
Yes we offer gluten free pet treats, see our pet treats page.
Can I send a slice of cake for my friend and a treat for their dog in one card?
Yes... they make great gifts to send to friends and family. The pet treats and cake are sealed and away from each other and have the sticker added to the treat ‘for your pet’.
Why do you only offer dog treats when you call it "Pet Card"?
We thought we would start working with our friends Pooch's on dog treats first and then look to increase to range to accommodate more pets, e.g cats rabbits... Keep your eyes peeled.